Who we are

Ratnis Technologies is an IT Services and consulting company ,which offers technology solutions to the clients of various business verticals. We company provides cost effective IT solutions, based on the requirements of the organization and offers end to end solutions.

Strategy: Developing integrated business solutions with cosmic consulting experience and innovative thinking. Effective utilization of young technical expertise to create customised solutions and deliver the product with added flavour.

Our Mission

Suitable & single point contact for any type of organization.
Easily approachable and available 24/7- 365days in any location across India and Globe.

Our Vission

Team Spirit Collective efforts, effective communication and smooth coordination among the team can lead to success of any task and project. Dedication Complete focus, hard work and sincere efforts. Innovative Thinking Thinking out-of-box, creative & innovative ideas and applications, practical approach, reasonable time lines, cost effective and need based solutions. 


What We Do

Defining roadmap to improve Technology infrastructure facilities.

Providing an overview of present Technology and suggests improvement areas.

Identifies weaknesses and opportunities of the present system.

Aligning IT systems with business goals.

Defining an implementation approach.

Creates efficiencies and improve bottom lines.